About Our Company

Berlin is a dazzling city with an alluring charm that can’t be denied. The magnificent history behind this city gives it a divine air, while the current events make it lively and elegant. A city known for its festivals, architecture, nightlife, arts, public transportation, and high quality of living, we know you’ll enjoy your stay in Berlin. It hosts a plethora of options when it comes to universities, institutes, orchestras, and museums. Berlin is known for its diverse party scene, so there’s always something festive to celebrate here!

Berlin Limo is a company that is proud of its group of exquisite vehicles and graceful customer service. We offer you the best fleet of vehicles in the entire Berlin area, guaranteed. Not only are our vehicles top notch, so are our services. Whether you’re just checking out Berlin’s nightlife, or you have a rigid itinerary, we’ve got your back when it comes to luxury transportation. Our booking agents will guide you through the process quickly and easily for your convenience!

One of the best things about choosing us to provide your transportation services is that we offer the lowest pricing in the entire Berlin area, guaranteed. That’s right, guaranteed! We strongly believe in offering a sustainable business that gives our clients the highest luxury possible at the lowest prices we are able to charge. There are no outrageous upcharges and certainly no hidden fees. We want our customers to be as happy as possible when their time on the road with us ends, and we know that price is a big consideration in that. Affordable and luxurious is a combination that we can really get behind.

In addition, if you need to save even more money during your trip with us, we will help you to find ways to do so. For instance, you can book your event during less hectic times of the year, such as early spring and late summer. Fridays are also a more affordable option than the other days of the weekend. You can also arrange to split the cost amongst your group, making it almost unbelievably affordable. We can definitely discuss ways to make this a smart financial decision for you that actually stretches your dollars while adding value and convenience to your event.

Events that we service often include weddings, sporting events, concerts, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, school dances, graduations, and nights out on the town. Each event has its own style and its own requirements, and once we find out what you’re planning, we can choose the right bus from our giant fleet of vehicles! If you require certain features, like HDTVs, a certain kind of stereo hookup, a particular style of bar, or even seating for as many as 40 passengers, we will take the time to look over our feature lists and choose the perfect chariot to take you out for your crazy night or your special occasion! Whether it’s one wild night or a once in a lifetime celebration, there is simply no better transportation company to take you where you’re headed.

When you do call us to make arrangements for your upcoming event, we’ll need a few pieces of information from you. The first is the date of your event. We’ll need to check our bookings and make sure that there are no conflicts, so that we’ll be 100% available to you and your party. Next up, you’ll need to tell us how many passengers you will be traveling with. This is key to choosing the right vehicle for you. We have a huge fleet of vehicles to choose from, and number of guests is always the top consideration so that we can pick a vehicle that is roomy enough and that simply feels right. Finally, what kind of event is it that you will be traveling to? Some vehicles are more well suited to bachelor parties than they are to weddings, for example. With the right info, we can figure out which vehicle you need to paint the town red!

If you’re interested in learning more about our vehicles, or you’re ready to reserve a party bus or limousine today, give us a call or email us at any time. We’re happy to answer your questions and guide you through the booking process.

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  • 28-30 Passenger Party Bus

    This party bus is sure to leave your guests with memories to last a lifetime. This party bus is thoroughly updated with the latest amenities as well as maintained regularly, so you’ll be impressed as soon as it rolls up to your destination.

  • 20 Passenger Party Bus

    Are you ready to enjoy Berlin in an amazing party bus? This beautiful party bus is our smallest option, but definitely not when it comes to amenities.

  • 40 Passenger Party Bus

    You’re looking to party, and what better way to do that than on our largest and most popular party bus? This colossal party bus is beautifully updated as well as regularly maintained so you’ll find the interior to be spacious and beautiful.

  • 24 Passenger Pink Party Bus

    What better way to roll around Germany than in a flashy pink bus? You’ll be sure to be noticed wherever you go in this beautiful party bus.

A Bit About our Pricing

  • Booking a party bus or limousine in Berlin may seem costly, but we’re here to tell you otherwise! We offer the lowest pricing in the entire Berlin area, guaranteed.

    The price we give you is only necessary to keep our business running, we don’t believe in pushing up prices only for the benefit of the business. We want to pass on our savings to you, and that’s why our business is so successful.


  • Weddings

    This is an extremely important event in your life, possibly the most important! Make sure you’re booking a wedding with a company who is an expert in the field, and with us you can be certain of that.

    Sporting Events/Concert

    What better way to enjoy Germany than going to a live music festival or watching a game of football? You can make the entire experience easier by booking a party bus or limousine with us for your next event.

    Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    Are you ready to celebrate your last night of freedom in style? We have the fleet of vehicles to impress you and your guests on this special night, and our vehicles are made for partying!